Steve Heller started Fabulous Furniture in 1973, but he started working with wood long before then. When Steve was twelve he used to do his paper route and then ride his bike over to the park and look for fallen trees. He’d carry them home in his press basket and carve them into forms. He still has some of those original pieces.


Fabulous Furniture does all it’s own logging, looking for trees too big and misshapen to be used by other loggers. Many of these trees are rotten or dead, and both of these “defects” produce incredible grain patterns...

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I began making sculpture as a kid, but I went into full-on production in 1987, when my father died. He called himself an antique dealer, but in reality he was a junk collector. My mother asked me to help…

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I love wood and metal, but it is cars that call to me in my dreams. My vehicles have won numerous accolades, including the New York Times Collectible Car of the Year, and 2 Grand National Roadster Show Best in Class...

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